Hello!  I'm Camilla Spadafino and my husband and I create works of art that you can paint for fun with friends and family.  We are both teachers at Nashville School of the Arts high school.  Keith's passion for teaching is history and mine is visual art so we combined our loves into this interactive storytelling project. Not only are our designs fun to paint, the color names tell more about the subjects of each painting and are both whimsical and informative. 

Our Story 


Three ways to find us 

1.  Etsy. The quickest way to purchase our paint by numbers kits is through Etsy.  You can click on the "Shop Now" tab at the top of this page and it will take you right there.  We offer FREE shipping on orders $35.00 and up!

2.  Pop up Shops.  You can find us at a variety of events located in the Nashville area. Here is a listing of our upcoming 2019 events:

Goddess Craft Market– Nashville – March 

Main Street Festival – Franklin – April

Scout’s Market Place– Murfreesboro – April 

Markets for Makers– Nashville – June 

American Artisan Festival– Nashville – June 

Porter Flea- Nashville – June

Tomato Fest– East Nashville – August 10

Goddess Craft Market – Nashville – September 28 

Pumpkin Festival– Franklin – October 26

Popclectic – University School of Nashville – October 26

Christmas Village– Nashville Fairgrounds – November 15 – 17

Centennial Craft Festival - Centennial Highschool in Franklin, TN. - November 23 -24

Goddess Craft Market - Bloom Yoga - December 12

Porter Flea - Nashville Fairgrounds - December 13 -14

3. Retail Shops.  There are several retail shops throughout the United States that carry our paint by numbers kits in their stores. You may wish to call them ahead of your visit to inquire which products they currently have in stock.


Picture This Gallery– Hermitage

Beveled Edge– White Bridge Road

White’s Mercantile– 12thSouth Neighborhood

The Bookshop– East Nashville 

Marche Artisan Foods– East Nashville

Plaza Art– Downtown 


Locals Only– Chattanooga

Shoprala – Knoxville

Cooper Young Gallery– Memphis


The Resurrection Shop– Bowling Green 

North Carolina 

Show and Tell Pop Up Shop – Asheville 


Pop Shop America – Houston 


Cat and Mouse Game Store – Chicago 


Go Craft Box – Longmont 


Blick Art Materials 


Become a retailer with us 

We appreciate our retail partners helping s to put the joy of painting into more people's hands.  If you would like to become a retail partner please email:  Paintthetownbynumbers@gmail.com