Nashville/ Nashville Paint by Numbers / Nashville Tennessee / Paint by Numbers Kit / Paint by Numbers 


This kit features a scene from Lower Broad in Nashville Tennessee with Nashville color names that tell more about this era in our shared history.  Each paint by numbers kit includes an 8”x10” painting board (in the exact style of American made vintage paint by numbers kits with blue lines ) 18 acrylic paint pots and a paint brush.  Our paints are high quality craft acrylic paints and do not require any mixing.  Our kits are easy and fun for all ages because they are designed by me - an art teacher! 


Our paint by number kits offer a warm nostalgic comfort that makes a great vintage inspired gift for any occasion, especially holiday gift giving.  Once framed our paint by numbers paintings bring a cheerful splash of color to any home decor and liven up any room for that special "wow" factor! These are not your regular paint by numbers kits.  They are designed in Nashville, Tennessee by an art teacher with an eye for design. 


Our mission is to bring painting to as many people as possible.  We see ourselves as a combination of Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers and Julia Childs rolled into one happy, fun paint by number experience.   Our paint by number kits feature people and places that spark joy, and each kit features fun color names that reflect its personality.  For example, the Nashville kit has clever color names like Broadway Boogie Blue, Printers Alley Pink and Biscuits Y’all.  My husband and I create and produce all of our designs and paint by number kits in Nashville. I am an artist and Nashville art teacher who loves to connect with and engage people with art.  My husband is a Nashville history teacher who loves to tell stories of the people and places that shape and inspire us. Painting is for everyone--come join the fun! 


One of the unique aspects of our designs are that they combine modern imagery with mid century vintage paint by number designs..  You will notice that the the backgrounds in all of our designs are taken directly from the look of vintage paint by numbers.  


Nashville/ Nashville Paint by Numbers / Nashville Tennessee / Paint by Numbers Kit / Paint by Numbers 

Nashville Paint by Numbers Kit